Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in Inverness

The air conditioning industry has made considerable advances in the last twenty years making the technology available more attractive to end users as a building services solution.

The range of units available and the overall efficiency of the Split and VRF systems make them a more attractive option over say central plant systems and the fact that these types of systems can also be easily retrofitted into existing buildings make them a credible option.

Due to these facts most new commercial and existing installations now have some form of air conditioning with VRV/VRF systems becoming more popular as a complete building temperature control solution.

Delta T Refrigeration are specialists in air conditioning technology and will design and install any type of air conditioning system in inverness and surrounding areas. Our engineers are all FGAS certified and have a wealth of knowledge and experience installing all types of systems whether it be a small server room cooling system or a multizone VRV or VRF system.

air conditioning

We work with all major manufacturers ensuring the most efficient and cost effective system is selected for our clients needs and will provide training on completion for all site operators.

We are also happy to design and install ventilation systems ensuring building regulations regarding fresh air for occupants are met and maximising overall system efficiency using the latest heat recovery technology.

The air conditioning industry is an industry that is constantly changing as legislation dictates that we are less wasteful, more efficient and kinder to the environment, this means that it is essential that engineers and managers keep up with technology so we may provide the best solutions for our customers.

Delta T Refrigeration, look forward to assisting you in any way we can in the future and are happy to advise on any air conditioning or ventilation requirement you may have.