Air to Air Heat Pumps

What is an Air to Air Heat Pump?

An Air-to-Air Heat Pump works on the principle of transferring energy contained in the outside air to heat your home or conversely transfer energy contained in the indoor air to the outside air to cool your home.

This process is carried out using refrigeration technology and the system comprises of a single low noise condensing unit attached to various indoor units either ducted wall or ceiling mounted.

Low Carbon footprint

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps are a form of low carbon heating or cooling as they use the energy contained in outside air to heat your home or conversely transfer energy contained in the inside air to outside to cool your home, for every unit of electricity used to power the system they produce 3-4 kw of heating compared to fossil fuel systems which are 90% efficient at best. Due to the high efficiency of these systems they make a great alternative to conventional fossil fuel or direct electric systems considerably lowering the homes carbon footprint.

Heat Pump

Long life span

With proper maintenance Air-to-Air Heat Pumps can last 15 to 20 years

No Fuel storage

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps are powered by electricity and use the energy contained in the outside air to heat your home there is no need for a fuel storage facility on your property.

Low Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance should be carried out by a qualified technician once a year.


Air to Air Heat Pumps are a great energy efficient alternative for the home and systems such as this will play a large part in achieving nett carbon zero by 2050.


The level of insulation in your home is key to reducing the homes carbon footprint, to allow your Heat Pump to be energy efficient this should be taken into consideration and upgraded as required.


Overall, an Air-to-Air Heat Pump system provides an energy efficient alternative to fossil fuels and can provide efficient heating or cooling within your home.

Delta T Refrigeration Ltd have extensive experience installing these technologies and offer a full design and installation service ensuring you get the correct system for your domestic needs.

We primarily cover the Inverness and Highland area but are always enthusiastic about looking at projects UK wide.

Please check incentives offered by government to assist in transitioning you home to low carbon systems.