Refrigeration Solutions in Inverness

The refrigeration industry is as vast as it is diverse with applications relevant to most industries from food production and storage to ice rinks and climbing walls to snow making for indoor skiing.

With this level of diversity it is essential that engineers and managers keep up with technology so we may provide the best solutions for our customers and that the end users realise that the key to an efficient refrigeration system is that the system is correctly sized for its application, that energy efficiency has been given close consideration  and that it is correctly maintained throughout its lifetime.

It is an industry that is constantly changing as legislation dictates that globally we are less wasteful,more efficient and kinder to the environment. This has meant that the refrigeration gases available are changing  with a direct effect on plant operation and efficiency.

Delta T Refrigeration look forward to assisting you in any way we can in the future and are happy to advise on any refrigeration or requirement you may have.

condenser install for 2SFG